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Your home IS your biggest investment so
why take a risk when it's time to clean it... Hire the professionals!
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Here's the Cameron Queen Advantage:

We offer Full-Service cleaning - so our 'packages' mean just that: we wash all the surfaces you want cleaned as standard practice. No extra charges and no confusion on what you're paying for.

We don't like hidden costs or surprises either - that's why we provide you with a full, written quotation for every service so you know exactly where you stand. Project details, price, discounts and service information... all in black and white.

We take real pride in our work - which means you get the very highest standard of cleaning service, customer care and appreciation - every single time. The positive feedback we receive from our customers makes it all worthwhile - and you just need to check our Reviews page to see we get plenty of it!

Specialist Cleaning of Vinyl Siding

Our Cleaning Services are 100% SAFE for your home & business. Here's why:

We use low-impact cleaning techniques - because a little pressure goes a long way when combined with the right detergents.

We use detergents safely - because cleaning your house should never put your garden, pets or people in danger.

We understand buildings - we treat all surfaces as individuals and clean each safely and without damage, the way it should be done.

We respect your property - for us that means taking the time to leave everything as we found it, just a lot cleaner!

Get a Soft Washing Quote in Halifax NS High pressure cleaning of black mould and mildew from conrete.

Myth busting!

Have you ever been told, or read that pressure washing isn't safe for your home? Well it's time to put that myth to rest. The reality is that when carried out properly, by experienced technicians and using appropriate detergents and low-pressure techniques there is no better or more efficient way to clean the exterior of your property.

Unfortunately, over enthusiastic homeowners and 'cowboy' contractors are still doing damage to homes on a regular basis. Using too much pressure, little or no detergent and poor technique can all damage the surfaces being cleaned and cause unnecessary water ingress into the structure of your home.

The care and cleaning of your life's biggest investment? Now that's a job for the professionals!

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